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Modeling Class

Introduction to Modeling – and More

Model sitting

Model: DeLayne Moulton

Beauty is born to an individual, but poise and sophistication are acquired skills. Most individuals can enhance and develop what they have in order to be more beautiful. Poise and sophistication are developed through training and experience.

The better trained a woman is the more natural, poised and sophisticated she looks. Whether you want to be a model or just look and feel like one, you need dedicated and sincere training. A pretty face and a nice figure are definite assets, but if you do nothing to improve yourself you will not go very far very fast in modeling or in life. You must make the effort to gain self-assurance, self-esteem, and self-confidence. General modeling know-how, the walk, the ability to pose or show clothes, and the ability to look good from head to toe are necessities to become successful in modeling. It is also a major benefit for interaction with others in school, business, and relationships in general. Learning how to be your best is the goal.

There is a lot more to these classes than just how to look good. This course is much more than just modeling. This course is intended to help build your self-image, so you will feel good about yourself no matter what others may think, your self-confidence, so you know what you are capable of doing, your self-esteem, so you have confidence in your own merit as the person you are, and self-reliance to believe in your abilities and judgment – to be independent.

Modeling Class Schedule

Classes will be on Saturdays or Sundays starting in the mornings depending on when students can meet. Class size will be between four and nine students. The classes will be grouped by age, thirteen and older, or school grade, eighth grade and higher, as much as possible. Each class will meet once a week for five to six weeks. If more time is needed, depending on student’s wants and needs, a seventh class will be done at no extra charge. Normally, classes would be $40.00 each, but since I sold my studio and don’t have that overhead any more, and with the economy the way it is, they will be $25.00 each paid at the beginning of each class. If the class size reaches eight students, that class price will drop to $20.00 each.


Please singe up for classes by phone or email. You must have parental permission if you are a minor. Parental permissions must be in writing and signed by a mother, father or legal guardian and received no later than the beginning of the first class. The location of the classes is about 2 miles north from the U of M. Directions will be given at sign up via email.

To get more information about the class and my teaching philosophy, go here

Phone: (406) 721-2486